Sellers who use Amazon as their main dropshipping source can use Spreadr to effortlessly import products to their BigCommerce store.

How it works?

1. Install Spreadr App.

2. Import products from Amazon to your store via Spreadr App.

3. Markup the product price via BigCommerce admin.

4. Here you do not linkout (redirect) your customers to Amazon.

5. Customers place the order on your site and you have to fulfill it.

6. It is like selling a regular product on your site - you receive the payment from your users. 

7. Amazon is not the drop-shipper. You are responsible for sourcing the products and delivering to your customers. You have to provide customer service.

This option is best suited for people who sell products on Amazon to also have them on their BigCommerce website. 

We do not recommend drop-shipping for those who are looking to place manual order on Amazon in response to their customers placing an order on BigCommerce site. It leads to fulfillment, customer service and IP issues.